The next open call is to be announced. The process consists of a group setting, in which you will learn about W Talent Managment, and the modeling industry from the Agency Director. After the presentation, each MODEL and/or ACTOR will walk the runway, then each actor will perform their monologue or cold read for our Agents.

The Open Call could last approximately 2 hours.

FOR FEMALE MODELS: Please dress stylish. Preferred wardrobe is a simple, form-fitting black dress, high heels, natural makeup, and hair pulled back.

For Child models/actors and Adult Actors: Please look your very best. No jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers. Please present yourself like a professional Talent. Thank you.

Adult Models & Actors [Ages 13 and Up] at 1:00 PM - (12:30 PM Registration)

Child Models [Ages 12 and Under] at 3:00 PM - (2:30 PM Registration)

Models please bring (2) CLEAR non-returnable snapshots, (1 Headshot, 1 Full Body... does not need to be professional), (Any Size) OR comp cards, with a portfolio book and resume, if you have one.

Actors please bring (2) non-returnable acting head shots with resumes. Experienced actors, please also come with a prepared 1 (ONE) minute monologue and be prepared to stay some additional time after open call to perform your monologue/cold read for our W Talent Management Agents.

Musicians and vocalists please come prepared with a 1-2 min performance piece of your choosing. Can be an original or cover piece to showcase your talent. You will perform after completing the runway and monologue portion of the open call.

Open Calls will be held at Little Rivers Studio

*300 NE 71st St,
Miami, FL 33138


Mission Statement:

W Talent Management Worldwide, with offices in NY, Miami, LA, and Philadelphia, offers talent the most opportunities for success in the highly competitive fields of the entertainment world, whether Modeling, Acting, Singing, or the Performance Arts . With a world-class Team of Bookers, Agents, Managers, and Directors to help mold, mentor and guide the Talent of tomorrow, we believe success can more easily become a reality, and not just a dream. We have the ability to spot "True Talent", but also can help develop that talent's best interests for success and growth.

W Talent Management believes in the the importance of strategic career development. This is an essential part of a model, actor, or singers beginning steps in a very competitive Industry. A key difference between W Talent and other Agencies is the importance we emphasis on the essential skills, knowledge and professionalism necessary to move up in the business, but moving forward with integrity and expedience. This Philosophy is demonstrated every day by our models, all the way up to ownership.

Along with the relationships we have built over the past 25 years, W Talent Management has been maintained a belief in hard work, constant support and experienced guidance for our Talent, and now we wish to expand that guidance to the worldwide stage, with increased activity and growth in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Europe.

W Talent Management hopes that you find us "a home away from home" to achieve success in your dreams. We welcome the opportunity to mentor, coach, and motivate YOU to be the BEST that you can be in this industry. Welcome to W Talent Management and Welcome to the World!